‘Lonely C’ Video Finalist: Gabriel Munitz-Alessio

One of the most fun parts of watching all the different videos which were submitted for Soul Clap’s ‘Loney C’ is seeing the different ways in which the directors used the lyrics as an inspiration. Some interpretations were quite literal, others extrapolated on the general tone, some latched on to a particular element for an extended metaphor. In Gabriel Munitz-Alessio’s clip, an anti-social producer falls under the influence of his own creation and is compelled to party. There’s some awesome stop-motion animation. Read below the video for Gabe’s full explanation, and check out for more great videos!

We produced the video over a few chilly February nights in Boston. We shot it on a DSLR camera with available light. I was the writer/director, Mark Beninati was our star and co-producer, the talented Jenna Zagoren designed the set and costumes for the party scene.

The idea for the video I think came directly from imagining Lonely C the character. What immediately sprang to mind was the image of the reclusive producer, more comfortable in the confines of his home studio than on the very dance floor for which he makes music. Despite his introversion, Lonely C yearns for the sweaty, rhythmic connection of the dance floor; every nuance of his artistic output indicates it.

At some point it occurred to me that it might be interesting to take Big L’s translation “the studio is the lab” (Ebonics, 1998) literally. Instead of a studio (synths, mpc’s etc) Lonely C would channel his passion, angst, ambition, and frustration into a small home chemistry kit, the product of which he would inadvertently ingest and thus be imbued with an uncontrollable impulse to dance and connect with the world around him. To connect in that sweaty, rhythmic manner that his initial reclusive disposition kept at such a distance.

We had a blast making the video. Big up to Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb for making such a silky smooth track and big thanks to all who came out to get glittered up and party!