‘Lonely C’ Video Finalist: Sergey Smykalov

Unique among the finalists for Soul Clap’s ‘Lonely C’ video contest, Moscow’s Sergey Smykalov assembled his piece completely from found footage. Stringing together vintage late 90’s footage shot in the only night club in a small Russian town, Smykalov weaves a story from the footage to match the lyrical content and feel of the track. There’s something a little bit unsettling about peeking into this world, but something satisfying as well. Read Sergey’s description below, and look for the winning video tomorrow!

“I made this video by coincidence. Long story short just a week before the video competition, I found video footage from 1997 which was made in a little Russian town called Stavropol (All shoots were made in Stavropol’s first night club). After that I saw information about the contest and I thought that everything happens for a reason. I did a little montage, & it started to look like story about dancer who always surrounded by people but for some reason feels lonely inside.” -Sergey