A Deeper Shade of Dance on Breach’s DJ-Kicks

Scoring a top 10 hit (as Breach has this summer with “Jack”) is a dream come true for most musicians. It also must be a little bit strange though, especially for an artist with the history and depth that Breach (a/k/a Ben Westbeech) has. In fact, the Breach project was originally conceived as an underground counterpart to the Westbeech’s work under his given name. “The thing is not to lose sight of why you started making music in the first place,” he says. “I wasn’t trying to get in the Top Ten. I just care about making deep records that I get off on.”

It’s those same “deep records” that are showcased on Breach’s new DJ-Kicks mix; which deftly incorporates everything from €2 basement finds (in the form of Winx – “How’s The Music”) to spanking new tracks from some of Westbeech’s contemporaries, and of course, a new original Breach track made specifically for the mix. “I’ve grown up with DJ Kicks,” Westbeech says. “For me it’s a very important series and I didn’t want to throw it together at a time when I’ve never been as busy. It came at a pretty crazy point in my life, but I feel I’ve done myself justice with it.”

Breach – DJ-Kicks is out November 11th (12th in the US) and available for pre-order in the !K7 Store:


01. Innercity – Prince Of The Immortal Woods
02. Wire People – Triangle Vision (Original Mix)
03. Beesmunt Soundsystem – All Day
04. Fred P. – It Is What It Is
05. Pedestrian – Hoyle Road
06. Coni – My Secret Diving
07. Breach – Beroving (DJ-Kicks)
08. Cassio Kohl – Broken
09. CLOSE feat. Joe Dukie – My Way (Dusky Remix)
10. Iron Galaxy – Attention Seeker
11. Detroit Swindle – The Break Up
12. Dopplereffekt – Z-Boson
13. Redinho – Searching
14. Winx – How’s The Music
15. Sabre – Nightdrive To Bolland


A1: Wire People – Triangle Vision
A2: Beesmunt Soundsystem – All Day
A3: Pedestrian – Hoyle Road

B1: Coni – My Secret Diving
B2: Dopplereffekt – Z-Boson

C1: Iron Galaxy – Attention Seeker
C2: Detroit Swindle – The Break Up

D1: Redhino – Searching
D2: Winx – How’s The Music
D3: Sabre – Nightdrive To Bolland

Tour dates:

28/09/2013     TomorrowWorld – Atlanta, USA
04/10/2013     Switch – Oxford
04/10/2013     Treatment – Cardiff
05/10/2013     Club Bonsoir – Bern
11/10/2013     Bedlam – Loft, Dublin
12/10/2013     Faded – Bournemouth
17/10/2013     Joris Voorn invites – ADE, Amsterdam
19/10/2013     Ohm Sweet Ohm – Plug, Sheffield
19/10/2013     Moda Black – Lincoln
25/10/2013     Digital – Newcastle
26/10/2013     Warehouse Project – Manchester
02/11/2013     Chibuku – Liverpool
02/11/2013     High Definition – London
09/11/2013     I Love Techno – Belgium
22/11/2013     Warehouse Project – Manchester
30/11/2013     Stereosonic – Sydney
01/12/2013     Stereosonic – Perth
07/12/2013     Stereosonic – Brisbane
08/12/2013     Stereosonic – Melbourne
13/12/2013     XS Live – Rome
21/12/2013     Pop Corn Club – Venice