Apparat DJ-Kicks Breakdown (Part 1)

The best DJ mixes reflect not only on the taste of their creators, but also on a general feeling, an aesthetic, perhaps a specific scene, inspiration, or moment in time.  Taken with Apparat’s DJ-KiCKS as we are, we asked him if he could give us a bit more background on where he was coming from when selecting certain tracks.  His characteristically thoughtful answers are below, with another batch of track discussions coming soon.

The idea behind the mix is that it’s all very current. Three or four years ago I got a little bored of electronic music, but there are a lot of exciting artists around at the moment. The mix is kind of an overview of what’s happening right now.

Telefon Tel Aviv- “Lengthening Shadows”

I’ve known these guys for a long time. They make such beautiful music. Sadly, Charlie Cooper died at the beginning of last year. This is the first track that Joshua Eustis has made since then. I think he was wondering whether he would carry on the Telefon Tel Aviv name. I asked him if there was anything he could give me for the album. He made me this track and said he’d like it to be as Telefon Tel Aviv. It’s very poignant.

Scorn- “Falling (Autechre FR 13 Remix)”

Scorn are an electronic project from two former members of Napalm Death. This Autechre remix is superb. I discovered Autechre’s second album, Amber, in 1994 when I was 17. It was a really important moment in my life. I was a techno kid listening to banging club music in old military bunkers. Autechre opened my mind to a different type of electronic music. It was really melodic, but also industrial with all these weird noises.

Born Ruffians- I Need a Life (Four Tet Remix)

This remix is barely recognizable from the original. I wanted to include some tracks with an organic feel, because that’s where my music is at the moment. It starts with an arpeggio that sounds like it was played by hand, very human. All his music has this shakiness that sounds like a person made it, which I love. The track before it, the Autechre one, is very computerized, so it makes a nice contrast. It’s like the sun rising.