Apparat DJ-Kicks Breakdown (Part 2)

Following up on the first segment, Apparat gives an in-depth look at where he was coming from when selecting certain tracks for his DJ-Kicks mix.

Ramadanman- “Tempest”

I’ve been on tour with Modeselektor recently. They introduced me to dubstep and to Ramadanman as well. They invited him to a party in Berlin and I met him there. It’s not really dubstep, even though it comes from that universe. I love “Tempest.” There’s some techno in there, but not techno that a techno producer would make. He’s coming at it with a fresh mind and the result is something unique. It’s really cool. Here’s a mix that Ramadanman did for Mary Anne Hobbs earlier this year.

Thom Yorke- “Harrowdown Hill”

I got into guitar music via bands such as Godspeed You Black Emperor, and through them to Radiohead, who are a big influence for me. Something like that had to be on the mix and one of my favorites is “Harrowdown Hill” by Thom Yorke. It’s a great track that slots in nicely beside electronic music because it’s got a repetitive feel. It’s about David Kelly, a scientist who questioned the basis of the Iraq war. He committed suicide in 2003 in murky circumstances. Some people think he was murdered. That’s what the song is about. The video is excellent.

Joy Orbison- “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow”

Joy Orbison is such a talented guy. He keeps on making winners. His track “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow” is the perfect introduction to my own track “Sayulita.” I’m not a regular DJ and whenever I try to make a mix I find it hard to include my own music because it never seems to fit. But “Sayulita” completely fits with the Joy Orbison track. I haven’t made a straight dance track for a long time, so it was a happy accident.