Apparat DJ-Kicks Breakdown (Part 3)

Wrapping up our series of posts on the tracks that appear on Apparat’s DJ-Kicks mix, here are two more of the tracks in their original form.  It’s especially illuminating to hear how “Rushed” was used, since it works as more of a texture than a stand alone track.  Three of the exclusive pieces from the mix (two by Apparat and one by Telefon Tel Aviv) are also available now on the “Sayulita EP.”

69- “Rushed”

One of the producers I liked back in the ’90s that I still love is Carl Craig, which is why I included Rushed by 69. I used to play this track all the time when I DJ-ed. It’s a link to what I was doing when I was 21 and I’d just moved to Berlin. I’d got tired of crazy rave parties and I wanted something a bit more cerebral.

Tim Hecker- “Borderlands”

I really like ambient music such as Borderlands by Tim Hecker. It’s a kind of drone, but it’s so beautiful, really epic. I wanted to put more of this kind of thing on the record – see Tim Hecker’s track “Dungeoneering” – but I wanted to keep a flow as well, so I put it at the end as a kind of fade out. It’s a great ending.