Apparat Interviews With Pitchfork

Apparat has said that his initial intention with his DJ-Kicks mix was to create a roadmap of his favorite music and influences over the course of his life.  That’s not the way the mix ended up turning out, but here’s an interview that give a picture of what that mix might have looked like.
The Berlin-based producer sat down with Pitchfork recently to speak about the music that influenced him most at five year intervals over the course of his life.  If you’re familiar with Apparat’s music, some of the choices (Radiohead, Boards Of Canada) may not come as a huge surprise, but the vignettes about how he got into electronic music in general, the influence of the musical life of his father, and the scenes of life in East Germany make for an illuminating read.  Check out the whole article here, and don’t forget to check out his amazing DJ-Kicks mix, which is out this week.