Apparat Tackles DJ-Kicks Theory Atop Teufelsberg

We couldn’t have asked for a better location to film a series of conversations with Apparat than Teufelsberg, an artificial hill outside of Berlin, made from World War II rubble, and topped with an old Allied listening station.  For this first part in the series, Apparat discusses his approach to constructing the mix, some music that almost, but didn’t quite make the cut, and how the opportunity to do a DJ-Kicks mix saved him, in a way.  Look for more video footage and other fun stuff coming soon to

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3 responses to “Apparat Tackles DJ-Kicks Theory Atop Teufelsberg”

  1. I suppose that you’re right concerning Apparat Tackles DJ-Kicks Theory Atop Teufelsberg | DJ-Kicks. brbr I am not sure if the majority would view the theory like this needless to say.

  2. jesse says:

    Why is the video now private just out of curiousity…?

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