C.J. Bolland: DJ Kicks

c j bolland

This first release of special DJ mixes started with a demonstration of C.J. Bolland’s mastery in DJing. As an alchemist of dance, he tweaks the turntables in a non-stop dancefloor mix. Here is quality techno from leading underground labels, thoughtfully selected and artfully segued by one of the most in-demand DJs on the European club circuit. Choosing beats that slide from the smooth and groovy to the hard and the ever so heavy, C.J. Bolland likes to sweat it out on the dancefloor!

Terranova, No Peace (feat. Ari up)
Tiga, Hot in Herre
Tiga, Mechanical Dub
Tiga, Man Hrdina (DJ-KICKS)
Tiga, Man Hrdina ( DJ Kicks )
Terranova, Walk With Me
Five Deez, A Wonderful Place
Five Deez, Kinkynasti
Five Deez, The Boostin Jam
Five Deez, Another Love Affair
Five Deez, Four Black Dudes
Five Deez, Funky
Five Deez, The Ocean
Five Deez, Tonight (12o´clock)
Five Deez, Kissy Face
Five Deez, Sextraterrestrial
Five Deez, Hey Young World
Five Deez, We Rock On
Five Deez, The Rain
Five Deez, B Girl
Five Deez, I Like It
Terranova, Rhythm Without A Pause
Terranova, Addict
Terranova, Get It On
Terranova, When In Rome…
Terranova, 99%
Terranova, Kiss
Terranova, Rockmongril
Terranova, Running Away
Terranova, Voodoo Beach Party
Five Deez, Tonight (12o.ap.clock)
B.C., Stronghold
Patrick Pulsinger, Construction Tool
Joey Beltram, Drome
Magenta, Memory Panic
Bandulu, Presence
Nexus 6, AB-Chic
Manuel and Clive, Recognise
Planetary Assault Systems, In From The Night
Rotor Type, Be Yourself
Clementine, Syn Son
Sound Enforcer, Re-Enforcement
Paramatrix, Transverse Waves
Damon Wild .u. Tim Taylor, Bang the Acid
Phrenetic System, Wayfarer
Planetary Assault System, Starway Ritual
Terranova, No Peace feat. Ari up