carl craigInstead of only mixing, the individual tracks are done over again, some of them are even remixed, thus making the whole set completely unique. In winning Carl Craig for this daring project, one of the most innovative producer and DJ sets new limits with his grand set in the field of compilations.

The Detroit cult figure Carl Craig has been in the techno-circus since the late ’80s, known for his fantastic releases and mixes and is regarded as one of the prehistoric people in the techno business. Even if he is wrongly counted among the second generation, it was him and Derrick May who wrote the classic “Strings Of Life” in 1989 and, in addition, he turned up to be the co-writer for several Detroit techno-classics. Influenced by European electronic artists like Kraftwerk, Human League, New Order and a preference for world-music, he soon was able to develope his own sound which made him one of the most interesting producers. This led to founding his own label Planet E. which is one of the best labels since its birth, releasing his own work under the aka of “69” (“Sound on Sound”, “4 Jazz Funk Classics”) and other timeless pearls. Apart from producing his own music, he made a name for himself as a brillant remixer and it´s no wonder that befriended producer like Kenny Larkin, Maurizio, Ron Trent and Dave Angel as well as musicians like Yello, Tori Amos or Ultramarine let him refine their songs. In the past few years it was his Paperclip People club-hits, an album for Warner Brothers and his work for the British cult-label Mo ‘Wax which made him one of the darlings of the press.
He started to perform as a DJ in 1991 and his excellent sets, which now are brought into public for a wider audience, are judged as legendary. “My philosophy of DJing is basically to try and present my own influences with my own interpretation. I can´t really justify myself as a DJ compared with a lot of other people out there. DJing for me is something I do for fun, and if asked to do it, I`ll do my best to do some interesting things”, describes Carl Craig his interpretation of spinning.

It´s quite an understatement to classify DJ-Kicks as interesting if one listens to it. Not only is he burning up a fireworks of contemporary techno-traxx such as productions from Claude Young, Clark (Mark Bell of LFO), Auto Repeat, Random Generator and Nav Katze among others but with individual remixing, re-editing and re-sampling he proves that DJing can be much more than only putting on some records. Apart from that, Carl Craig has created a new track out of the sounds of the tracks he liked best, which will be released before long as a one-sided 12″ and which will be supported by its own video.


1.         Hot Lizard – The Theme (Carl Craig rmx)
2.         Octagon Man – Teasing the Dragons Tail
3.         Nav Katze – Crazy Dream (Réload rmx)
4.         Cosmic Messenger – I2I
5.         Clark – Jak to Basics
6.         Designer Music – Good Girls
7.         Claude Young – Changing Factors
8.         Tan-Ru – Changeling
9.         Auto Repeat – You Can’t Stop
10.       Random Generator – Zonepaging
11.       Gemini – Crossing Mars
12.       Neuropolitique – Switch Back
13.       P.A. Presents – Res*lute
14.       The 4th Wave – Electroluv
15.       Dimitri & Eric Nouhan – Folkloric Acid
16.       Carl Craig – DJ-Kicks (the track)