DJ-Kicks Q&A: No Regular Play

Wolf + Lamb & Soul Clap roll deep, as it were.  Their collaborative DJ-Kicks mix features no less than ten exclusive tracks, all comprised of material from their close-knit extended circle of friends and family.  Leading up to the release of the mix, we decided to connect the dots, picking the brains of the talent behind the exclusive tracks on the mix.  In this edition we spoke with Nick DeBruyn and Greg Paulus, the Brooklyn duo together known as No Regular Play.  Their track “Takin’ U Back” is on the second EP of DJ-Kicks exclusives, out March 1st.  The first EP is out now.

Both W+L & SC refer to this mix as a family affair. How did you first get involved with the guys, and how does your sound relate to theirs?

We met Zev and Gadi in Brooklyn, going to their parties and subsequently sending them music. Eventually everything aligned and we all became close friends very quickly, hanging out and working on music constantly. Then Charlie and Eli sent Zev and Gadi some tunes that blew us all away. They started hanging at the Marcy as much as possible and we all became close- throwing parties, playing and producing together. I think the six of us were all moving toward a very similar sound due to our common backgrounds in hip-hop, R&B etc. and were hearing music in the same way. All of our individual takes on dance music just seemed to naturally fit together the more we produced and shared music.

Was this piece of music made specifically for this mix? If so, was there an effort to tailor it to a certain aesthetic at all?

Yes, the track was made specifically for the mix, but not tailored for it. We didn’t know what the mix was going to sound like, but knew it would include tracks from everyone in the Wolf + Lamb family.

Is there a specific piece of gear that you couldn’t live without?

Juno 106

Do you have a favorite entry in the DJ-Kicks series?

Juan MacLean and Stacey Pullen.

If you were a pro wrestler what would your signature move be?

Probably the avalanche frankensteiner, popularized initially by Frank Steiner, perfected by Rey Mysterioso. One of the best finishing moves in all of wrestling.