DJ-Kicks Q&A: Slow Hands

Wolf + Lamb & Soul Clap roll deep, as it were.  Their collaborative DJ-Kicks mix features no less than ten exclusive tracks, all comprised of material from their close-knit extended circle of friends and family.  Leading up to the release of the mix, we decided to connect the dots, picking the brains of the talent behind the exclusive tracks on the mix.  In this edition we spoke with classically trained guitarist turned producer Slow Hands, whose “Fast Tongue” put him on the map via W+L’s Significant Others EP.

Both W+L & SC refer to this mix as a family affair. How did you first get involved with the guys, and how does your sound relate to theirs?

Gadi and Zev were introduced to me through a common friend, a week later they introduced me to Clap (who they had just recently met).

The family shares a lot of music, so i think that we all have a lot of similar tastes. But it’s our differences in taste that really push the family forward. A lot of times one of the members will play a track, and someone else in the family will dislike it, then a month later your will see them play and they drop that track. The best thing about a family is you learn things from one another and things change, moments like a change in opinion and taste are a perfect example of this, and what W+L as a label is all about.

Was this piece of music made specifically for this mix? If so, was there an effort to tailor it to a certain aesthetic at all?

Yes, it was. I wanted it to be a sort of follow up to the first single I did for W+L, “Fast Tongue.” Some guitar, a crooning vocal, a kick drum . . . done ; ) I did want it to have a traditional disco bass line, and lay it under something funky, yet more somber than most traditional disco, that was the plan of attack.

Is there a specific piece of gear that you couldn’t live without?

My guitars!

Do you have a favorite entry in the DJ-Kicks series?

Aside from W+L vs. SC?! : ) Four Tet, and Erlend Oye . . . and of course K&D

If you were a pro wrestler what would your signature move be?

Oh boy, my parents never let me watch wrestling growing up (hippies). Suppose it would have to be something that fit with the Slow Hands moniker, huh? [Wikipedias “wrestling moves”] . . .

I suppose the High Knee is most fitting, no? But if i had a more violent (and reptilian) themed moniker i would definitely want the Dragon Screw Legwhip!

Should report child abuse, never realized how much my parents kept from me!