DJ-Kicks Q&A: Voices Of Black

Wolf + Lamb & Soul Clap roll deep, as it were. Their collaborative DJ-Kicks mix features no less than ten exclusive tracks, all comprised of material from their close-knit extended circle of friends and family. Leading up to the release of the mix, we decided to connect the dots, picking the brains of the talent behind the exclusive tracks on the mix. In this edition we spoke with Voices of Black, Providence, RI via Teaneck, NJ’s denizens of funk fazed beats with damaged soul to spare. Their track “Fridays With Her” features on the first EP of DJ-Kicks exclusives. Both EPs, as well as the full mix are out now.

Both W+L & SC refer to this mix as a family affair.  How did you first get involved with the guys, and how does your sound relate to theirs?

Jules: Baba goes to school with Nicolas Jaar, and he brought us in to the Marcy one day in the summer. We played the guys some of our tracks and vibed out. It was an ill session, we got along really well, felt a good vibe and continued to stay in touch and send music. We then sent a bulk of songs which would be developed into Plastic Dolls and we officially became part of family.

Baba: I think whats relatable [to their sound] is our aim to try to go as far outside of the box, yet still keep the people moving, or at least nodding their head.

Was this piece of music made specifically for this mix?  If so, was there an effort to tailor it to a certain aesthetic at all?

“Fridays With Her” wasn’t actually composed for this specific mix. If anything, it was somewhat of a continuation of the ideas we were exploring on Plastic Dolls. In fact we weren’t aware of the DJ-Kicks mix until they told us that the track was gonna be on it.

Is there a specific piece of gear that you couldn’t live without?

SP-606 sampler. It’s where it all started.

Do you have a favorite entry in the DJ-Kicks series?

Jules: Hot Chip… I have honestly only heard the more recent ones, Chromeo, Apparat, and Hot Chip but Eli from Soul Clap has sent me a bunch.

If you were a pro wrestler what would your signature move be?

Baba: Definitely the Mongolian Chop. its deadly…

Jules: When I was a youth I was fascinated by the Power Bomb. I still am.