Download “Sayulita,” Apparat’s DJ-Kicks Exclusive Track

We’re extremely pleased to be giving away a new Apparat track today, the exclusive contribution to his DJ-Kicks mix.  Click the image below to head to the download site.

Named after the Mexican town where Sascha Ring, b/k/a Apparat, recently decamped to record forthcoming material, “Sayulita” is his exclusive contribution to his DJ-KiCKS mix; a 130bpm track that he admits contains the elements he was embracing at the time. Harnessing the shaky, organic percussion, big hoover like bass sounds and the erratic guitar chops that cut through the rising pads it blends somewhat brilliantly with Joy Orbison’s “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow” on the mix but also manages to stand up to repeated listens on its own; fully blossoming into a somewhat angular exercise in where Ring is at right now sonically – complete with curved reverb tails across the snare drums while the low end chomps at the bit behind it.