Hear Soul Clap feat. Charles Levine’s “Lonely C”

Subtle and addictive, ‘Lonely C’ perfectly demonstrates why Soul Clap and their compatriots Wolf + Lamb have found their classy and understated take on dance music in such a high demand lately. Good luck getting Charles Levine’s slinky and slippery processed vocals out of your head. As Wolf + Lamb’s Zev says, “whether you’re fresh to the scene or have been dancing for a decade, we’ve all turned to the disco for solace and we’ve all been Lonely C, at least for a night.” As mentioned in our previous post, the artists are running a video contest for ‘Lonely C,’ offering $2500 in prize money, and official video status to the winner.

Soul Clap feat. Charles Levine- Lonely C (Video Edit) From: DJ-Kicks by !K7 Records