kid locoIt’s now the turn of KID LOCO from Paris. There is no other producer and DJ who exemplifies music with a relaxed atmosphere quite like he does. Whether in a club or the living room – KID LOCO takes care of the etherealness. With a mixture of Easy Listening, Hindi Funk, Guitar Pop and Hip Hop Beats, the Loco Man has developed an individual sound that fascinates rocker boys, b-boys and boutique owners alike. Along with the serene balance of riffs, beats and melodies, the appeal is in all likelihood essentially due to the strange, almost transcendental softness with which he fuses the most diverse of genres. In the end, there’s something for everybody from the man from the Seine. His vision of cool music is nurtured by a universal understanding of music that is open to all sides, combining new and old without a hitch, creating contexts hitherto considered impossible. He isn’t interested in genres, all that counts is good music. His sampler affords a melting pot for this vision.

KID LOCO (real name: Jean Yves Prieur) is 35 years old, the father of two children and was once the boss of Bondage, the Parisian punk rock label. In the past he played with a few Parisian Indie bands, then in Hip Hop-Rock fusion bands and finally made music alone – his first sampler turned his method of music-making completely upside down. Now he could combine his tried and tested guitar and vocal skills with the best moments and sounds from his record collection. KID LOCO’s first single appeared in 1994. As early as this – several years before the Superdiscount Project, Air and Dimitri From Paris -, his “Blues Project EP” on Yellow Productions, with its easy vibes and slo-mo breaks, molded the sound recognized worldwide as the end of the nineties Sound of Paris. There followed further singles on Yellow, some remix deals and then at last, at the end of 1997, his debut album, “A Grand Love Story”, that gained high international acclaim. He accompanied the tours of Pulp, Moloko and St. Etienne as support. There then followed yet more remix deals for The High Llamas, Pulp, Talvin Singh, Tommy Hools, St. Etienne, Mogwai and The Pastels, amongst others. In Spring 1999, he finally presented these remixes under the title, “Jesus Life For Children Under 12 Inches” remixes on a compilation.

Now, KID LOCO has concocted a DJ-Kicks. It has become a masterpiece. Perfect transitions, varied tempos and a selection that can hardly be surpassed in its range make this top class mix a unique listening experience. The choice of tracks perfectly reflects KID LOCO’s 360° musical horizon as he conducts us along a soaring curve from the Hindi Jazz of the Bill Wells Octet through the Dope Beat Science DJ Vadims, the Nu Bossa of Jazzanova and the Psych Rock of Underworld to the futuristic Electronica Sounds of Boards of Canada and Stereotyp. Often, it’s barely recognizable where one track starts and the other stops – it seems as if everything unifies in an integrated whole. Those who expected KID LOCO to serve up an easy mix with an easy-to-digest fare will be surprised. His DJ-Kicks is deep shit. Especially when you consider that KID LOCO only began to perform regularly as a DJ two years ago. But perhaps it was also higher powers that inspired Jean Yves Prieur for this mix, for as you can read in his dedication, KID LOCO mixed his DJ-Kicks “for the love of his wife Rachida”. And when you do something out of true love then something truly exceptional is bound to arise.


1.         Kid Loco – Don´t You Know I´m  Loco
2.         The Bill Wells Octect vs. Future Pilot A. K. A. – Om Namah Shivaya
3.         J Swinscoe presents The Cinematic Orchestra – Continuum
4.         Emperoros New Clothes – Dark Light (Underdog Mix)
5.         The Ted Howler Rhythm Combo – Mr. Flakey
6.         DJ Vadim – Theme From Conquest Of The Irrational (Remix by The Prunes)
7.         Jazzanova – Introspection
8.         Common Ground – Dark Soul
9.         Underworld – Blueski
10.       Grantby – Time Booth (that mix)
11.       Deep Season – Jesus Christ Almighty (Pylon King+Dunderhead Remix)
12.       Boards Of Canada – Happy Cycling
13.       Pelding – One
14.       Tom Tyler – Attitude Adjuster
15.       Tongue – Culture Consumers
16.       Lisa Germano – Lovesick (Underdog Rmx)
17.       Stereotyp – Slo Jo
18.       Kid Loco – Flyin’ on 747