kruder dorfmeisterSmoke it! Feel It! Hear it!

The slo-beat pioneers Kruder & Dorfmeister of Vienna are among the hottest producers in the dance universe. Even though they only produced two unreleased maxis, big names like Count Basie, Bomb The Bass, Alex Reece or United Future Organization had some of their tracks remixed by these exceptional producers. Their productions on compilations of Ninja Tune, SSR and Wall Of Sound are considered mile stones regarding the trip-hop genre and many major companies are trying to release their debut album.

Since 1993 the two smart Austrians Peter Kruder & Richard Dorfmeister have been working together as a team and when being asked about their musical roots they name musicians like Miles Davis, Sly Stone, Brian Eno, Serge Gainsbourg or Bill Laswell. Besides this they are great admirers of the Gilles Peterson and Coldcut Radioshow of London’s cult-station Kiss FM, which had a lot of influence on their musical openmindness. Their label G-Stone was able to gain outstanding reputation with its four releases and earned fantastic media reaction in international publications.
Besides their outstanding fame as producers both were able to blast even the hippest clubs on this planet with their extravagant DJ-sets. Their breathtaking mixture of trip-hop, dub, ambient and drum’n’bass is supposed to be way-leading thus supporting their cult-status. Smokin’ tracks of Herbalizer, Statik Sound System, Hardfloor, Aquasky, Shantel and others are combined on their DJ-Kicks set, gathering the hottest labels from Ninja to Cheap, from Moving Shadow to Creative Wax. A dub producer helped to remix the entire material making it a thrilling clubsoundtrack for the 90s. By the way, during the work for DJ-Kicks and their debut album they refused doing remixes for U2, Grace Jones, Elvis Costello and the Fantastic Four!


1.         A Mother – Herbalizer
2.         Livin’ – Free Small World
3.         Spellbound – Tango
4.         Give My Soul – The Lab Rats
5.         Revolutionary Pilot – Statik Sound System
6.         In Too Deep – JMJ & Flytronix
7.         Kauna – Aquasky
8.         Never Say? – James Bong
9.         Dadamnphreaknoizphunk? – Hardfloor
10.       Shoalin Satellite – Thievery Corporation
11.       High Noon – Kruder & Dorfmeister
12.       Keep On Believing – Beanfield
13.       Que Dolor – Sapien
14.       Bass And Several Cars – Shantel
15.       Look Up – Dere Kama
16.       Radio Burning – Chrome Showroom
17.       DJ Kicks (the track) aka. Black Baby – Kruder & Dorfmeister