“I wanted this mix to showcase my diversity,” says Coles. “I don’t just do one thing and I wanted it to reflect that. Most of the mixes I’ve put out there so far have been house based, but I also produce stuff under the Nocturnal Sunshine monicker, which is more two-step/bass influenced stuff. This mix evolved into something that wasn’t just four-to-the-floor.”

“The Nocturnal Sunshine track is something I started about three years ago,” she continues. “I never managed to finish it. I kept going back to it, but it was never quite right. I came back to it again, totally stripped it back and redid it and it came out really well. It’s not normally something I would do. Normally, if I can’t finish something I scrap it. The tracks I’m happiest with are normally the ones that come naturally and quite instantly. When I spend too much time working on something it can lose that specialness. If it’s too much effort then it doesn’t feel right. But in this instance it just had something that I really liked. I’m really glad I came back to it.”


01. Deft Loqux & Past
02. Kris Wadsworth Mainline (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
03. Chasing Kurt Money
04. Bozzwell In My Cocoon (Original Mix)
05. Larse Karoo (Original)
06. Milscot feat. Angela Sheik All Alone (Domyan Just Slow Remix)
07. Adam Stacks Hey Love (Original)
08. Phil Kieran & White Noise Sound Never Believed
09. Sigward Nuerd (Original Mix)
10. Maya Jane Coles Not Listening (DJ-KICKS)
11. Virgo Four It's A Crime (Caribou Remix)
12. Roberto Bardini Hate Me (Muteoscillator Fairy Tall Remix)
13. Tripmastaz Guess Who
14. Standard Fair Little Helper 16-3
15. Nocturnal Sunshine Meant To Be
16. Zenker Brothers Berg 10 (Original Mix)
17. Last Magpie No More Stories
18. Zoe Zoe Church
19. Gerry Read Roomland (Youandewan Remix)
20. T. Williams Analog Tour
21. Marcel Dettmann Translation Two
22. Claro Intelecto Hunter's Rocket To The Sky

Tour Dates

28/04/12 - Panorama Bar
Berlin, Germany

05/05/12 - Mad Attitude, Mad Club
Lausanne, Switzerland

12/05/12 - Fuse
Brussels, Belgium

17/05/12 - Nuit Sonores
Lyon, France

23/05/12 - Stereo
Montreal, Canada

24/05/12 - Monarch
San Francisco, USA

25/05/12 - Morgan
Brooklyn, New York, USA

26/05/12 - TBA
Detroit, USA

27/05/12 - Detroit Movement Fest
Detroit, USA

01/06/12 - Big Beach Boutique
Brighton, UK

02/06/12 - Field Day
London, UK

03/06/12 - Love Saves The Day
Bristol, UK

04/06/12 - Evolution Festival
Newcastle, UK

10/06/12 - Parklife Festival
Manchester, UK

16/06/12 - Sonar Festival
Barcelona, Spain

28/06/12 - Hove Festival
Arendal, Norway

30/06/12 - Hideout Festival
Novalja, Croatia

08/07/12 - T In The Park
Balado, Kinross, UK

13/07/12 - Melt! Festival
Ferropolis, Germany

15/07/12 - Benicassim 2012

29/07/12 - Camp Bestival
Dorset, UK

11/08/12 - Loveland 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands

07/09/12 - Bestival
Isle of Wight, UK

EP Tracklist

A1. Maya Jane Coles - Not Listening (DJ-KICKS)
B1. Nocturnal Sunshine - Meant To Be

Exclusive Track

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