New Music From Artists On Apparat’s DJ-Kicks

Making the rounds on the net this morning are two new pieces of music from two fantastic artists who appear on Apparat’s DJ-Kicks. Four Tet you undoubtedly are familiar with (having a DJ-Kicks of his own, as he does), and if you don’t know Tim Hecker, it’s a great time to get familiar.

VCR (Four Tet Remix) by

Four Tet has always been a formidable force as a remix artist, frequently injecting a new degree of beauty and introspection to the tracks he chooses.  His Born Ruffians remix which appears on the Apparat DJ-Kicks is a high water mark, and this re-working of the already reflective xx material is a thing of beauty as well.  (via FACT)


Tim Hecker takes a distinct approach to electronic music production, favoring evocative, sometimes dissonant soundscapes over traditional arrangements.  The above track is the A-side to a new work titled “Apondalifa.”  His gorgeous “Borderlands” is the perfect closer to Apparat’s DJ-Kicks. (via Pitchfork)