nightmares on waxThe British DJ / Producer George Evelyn, aka DJ Ease, aka NIGHTMARES ON WAX, despite his relative lack of years, has for more than a decade already numbered among the most visionary musicians on the island. He has never left his hometown of Leeds since he was born, but his sound is nonetheless universal and his recordings for the English label Warp have frequently set new trends. Even his first single, “Dextrous”, found its way into the English Top 75 and his subsequent releases are still today regarded as prototypes for the downbeat genre. The following album, “Word of Science”, with its combination of soulful bleeps and clonks, underscored his creative potential, but even so it was a full 6 years before he released his classic, “Smoker’s Delight” (1995), one of the milestone records of the nineties.

Opening with his trademark song, “Nights Interlude”, this record has played itself into innumerable hearts, record collections and annual charts, has been a dope beat classic ever since its release and has yet to lose any of its allure. His album from last year, “Carboot Soul” (1999), as well as his collaborations with De La Soul, O.C. and Corinna Joseph, seamlessly picked up where the success of their predecessor left off and charted all over Europe.

Excellent live shows translated into an exultant progression across Europe and NIGHTMARES ON WAX can today enjoy a substantial worldwide fan base.

His record collection might soon be almost equally broad, the foundation stone for which was laid with the acquisition of two dub 7-inches when he was eight years old (!) and which to this day serve as a source of inspiration (and samples). The idea of making a mix CD with NIGHTMARES ON WAX came about (and was carried out) as early as 1995, but the project was also subject to George Evelyn’s “leisurely” working practices – all good things take time. Now he sends us, just a little later than expected, shooting into his beat orbit. He has put together an excellent selection of hip hop and downbeat tunes for his “DJ-Kicks” set and has found the perfect blend of the old and the new, UK and USA as well as vocal and instrumental tracks. Tunes from A Tribe Called Quest, Kenny Dope, Aim, Blackalicious, Freddy Fresh, Jerry Beeks and DJ Trax amongst others, as well as some of his own tracks of course, come together in a phat set with plenty of funk !


1.         Type – Slow Process
2.         Only Child – Breakneck
3.         Saukrates – Ay, Ay Studder
4.         DJ Paul Nice – Break It Down
5.         Grand Unified – Shake Up (Jaddle Remix)
6.         Nightmares On Wax – Ease Jimi
7.         Jerry Beeks – Flash $
8.         D.I.T.C. – Thick
9.         Nightmares On Wax – Burn Me Slow feat. O.C.
10.       Nightmares On Wax – Play On feat. Corrina Joseph
11.       Kenny Dope – Get On Down
12.       Kenny Dope – Superkat
13.       A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour
14.       John Cameron – Swamp Fever
15.       Blackalicious – Alphabet Aerobics
16.       DJ Trax – This Place
17.       Freddy Fresh – It’s A Latin Thing
18.       Aim – Underground Crownholders
19.       Deckwrecka – Catchwrecka
20.       Martin Brew – Sand Steppin
21.       Smokers Blend – Overooped
22.       Deadbeats – Pick Me Up
23.       Syrup – Chocolate