Official Winning ‘Lonely C’ Video!! Directed By Dan Hellmann

Having shared four of the finalists in our music video contest for Soul Clap’s “Lonely C” over the past week, the quality of the work put into the submissions, and the variety therein continues to impress. Within the top five alone, we have videos from Russia, Korea via Ireland, and the group’s hometown of Boston. As we’ve said over and over, choosing a single winner proved exceedingly difficult, but we’re very pleased to share the grand prize winner for your enjoyment.

A group effort shot in Vancouver, director Dan Hellmann’s video utilizes spontenaety, a beautiful cityscape, and creative costuming to capture the feeling of being alone, even when you’re surrounded by people. Congrats to Dan, and again to everyone who worked hard to share their vision inspired by the music. Read Dan’s account of putting the video together below.

The video is a collaboration by a group of friends. Inspired by the loneliness of the song, we filmed the story of a man trapped in routine longing for connection with the world around him.

It was filmed in downtown Vancouver over five nights from midnight to 4AM with a Canon 7D. While many shots were planned out, there were some unexpected surprises such as the shots with the police and the car accident.

Although we wanted to show our character as vulnerable, it was important for us to approach the video with a sense of humour. We had a lot of fun shooting the club scene where we tried to capture the feeling of a night out – the random interactions with people at the bar and getting lost on a dance floor.

We were happy that our final product connected the mood of Lonely C with the story we wanted to tell.

Dan Hellmann
Kelvin Beaudette
Claire Beaudette
James Hutchison