rockers hi-fiFarda P is a Birmingham-based rapper/toaster who has worked closely with acclaimed British dub-jungle-house fusion maestros Rockers Hi-Fi. Farda P invited the Rockers (duo Glyn Bush and Richard “DJ Dick” Whittingham) into the studio  to select and mix the tracks for his album. Farda P then toasted and rapped over the mix in his own inimitable style, using lyrics he especially penned for the album. This dex’n’fx treatment is a first for the DJ Kicks series and represents a step forward in the art of the DJ mix compilation genre.

Farda P has worked with Rockers Hi-Fi on a number of occasions over the past two years, most notably on the duo’s Rockers To Rockers and Mish Mash albums. They have also employed the dex’n’fx team-up to wow audiences at various festivals, clubs, impromptu gatherings and radio stations around the world. Farda P has also guested at numerous Rockers live shows which have resulted in a number of sell-out tours.

The Black Album contains DJ Dick’s seamless collage of obscure listening music, avant-garde drum & bass and chunky deep dub together with far-out sound manipulation from Glyn Bush using a customised effects box. The mix of records complements Farda P’s delivery perfectly, is typically eclectic and typically Rockers. Taking in African gospel-dub (Terminalhead’s “Twisted System”), low frequency flavas (Rhythm & Sound’s “Never Tell You”) and grinding drum & bass (More Rockers’ “Dis Ya One”), The Black Album continues the fine DJ Kicks tradition of free-for-all soundscaping.

The final track, New Broom Sweep Clean, is an exclusive Farda P composition and has been remixed by Rockers Hi-Fi. This deep dub number sums up the Rockers sound perfectly, being equally at home in the dub dancehall as it would nestled in a Deep Dish set. All of the previous DJ Kicks albums have included exclusive tracks courtesy of the artist-in-the-mix. The title of the album, The Black Album, is a sly reference to the Prince album of the same name – you know the score.


1.         Farda P – Rockers Intro
2.         Jeff Danna – Theme from Kung-Fu
3.         Small Fish with Spine – He builds the World
4.         Kid Loops Lbs. – Feel
5.         Wraparound Sounds – Candles & Versions
6.         Grizzly – Up through the down Pipe
7.         Snooze vs. DJ Cam – Dub Angel
8.         Electric J – Varispeed
9.         Deep Space Network – Callacop
10.       Prince Far I and the Arabs – Long Life
11.       Cee-Mix – Com-unique-ation
12.       Rhythm and Sound w/Tikiman – Never tell you
13.       Terminalhead & Mr Spee – Twisted System (Ruts D.C. Dub)
14.       T. Power – g13
15.       Dr. Israel vs. Loop – Saidisyabruklinmon
16.       Lida Husik – Bad Head Day (Subtropic Cut it Up Mix)
17.       More Rockers – Dis Ya One
18.       Farda P – Rockers Outro
19.       Farda P – The Black Single (DJ-Kicks Rockers Hi-Fi Rmx)