smith and mightyBristol’s legendary Smith & Mighty prove by this fantastic set, that they still belong to the innovators and finest of the Sound of Bristol, also known through acts like Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, Roni Size and his Reprazent Posse. Bristol became one of the most exciting spots on the musical map and Smith & Mighty’s DJ Kicks documents by it’s variety the unique sound of this city!

Reggae, dub and hip hop happened to found the Bristol Sound in the mid, late eighties. “It’s relaxed – it’s about taking time and not being rushed”, that’s for Ray Mighty the early spirit of Brighton that spread around the world –  and three projects helped to make it happen: Smith & Mighty with their cover versions of Burt Bacharach’s “Walk On By” and “Anyone” that reached cult status and the commercial succes of Massive Attack’s Wild Bunch Posse with “Unfinished Sympathy” and Nella Hooper’s Soul II Soul. In the following years acts like Tricky, Portishead and others were succesful, but Smith & Mighty found theirselves caught in a major deal, that forced them to produce comercial tracks, never released by the record company. Their work as producers of Carlton’s album “The Call Is Strong” lead to a blueprint for later Bristol tunes, but their deep sounds never got the accountable succes. Rob Smith was very disappointed by the ignorance of the record company and founded his own label More Rockers, that released from then on most of their tracks and the album “Bass Is Maternal” as well. More Rockers played an important role when the Sound Of Bristol met up with drum ‘n’ bass. “Everything has cooled back now. With drum ‘n’ bass you can go as fast as you like – or as slow as you like”, coments Rob Smith the present situation.


1.         Blue & Red feat. Shandi I – Amid The Ether
2.         Smith & Mighty feat. Andy Scholes – Rwanda
3.         Peter D. – Jah Pure & Clear
4.         Smith & Mighty – Walk On
5.         Smith & Mighty feat. Tammy Paine – Same
6.         Dj Lynx – Quite Frankly
7.         Wilks – Mr. A & R Man
8.         Receiver – Irrational
9.         Smith & Mighty feat. Jacki Jackson – Anyone
10.       More Rockers – Night Fall
11.       On – First Time (More Rockers Remix)
12.       Ratman – Sole Sentiment
13.       Smith & Mighty – Higher Dub
14.       More Rockers – Never Felt This Way
15.       More Rockers – Sound Boy
16.       More Rockers – Show Love
17.       Virginia – Rainbows(More Rockers Remix)
18.       Flynn & Flora – New World
19.       Jaz Klash – Off The Edge
20.       Flynn & Flora – Bass SpeakerDj Krust Remix
21.       More Rockers – 1-2-3 Break
22.       Wraparound Sounds – Tripitaka
23.       Gang Related – Vibrations
24.       Smith & Mighty feat. Alice Perera – Dj Kicks/I don’t know