DJ-Kicks_sale_FacebookWith two decades worth of legendary DJ mixes in the catalog, an incredible new exclusive-laden mix from Will Saul coming out next week, and the 50th entry in the series just around the corner, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate DJ-Kicks this year. So we've teamed up with iTunes for the biggest online sale we've ever had for DJ-Kicks. For the rest of the month of June, every entry in the series available digitally will be on sale at iTunes, including classic mixes from Kruder + Dorfmeister, Thievery Corporation, Apparat, John Talabot, Motor City Drum Ensemble and many more. Stock up on mixes you may have missed at

DJ-Kicks Comes To SXSW w/ Photek & Apparat

For serious music fans, SXSW in Austin is close to heaven on earth. Non-stop music of all sorts, plenty of beer & BBQ, and for those of us in colder climates, a chance to enjoy some mild weather before Spring is fully underway. This year, as a part of our celebration of 27 years of !K7 we'll be kicking the festivities off with DJ sets from two of the recent stars of DJ-Kicks, Photek & Apparat. The party will be free and won't require a badge, so come one come all. In addition to the headliners, we also have a several special guests lined up, including artists who appear on Photek's mix. We're looking forward to starting the week of music off on the right foot with all our friends, and hope to see you there!
Wednesday March 14th @ Kingdom (103 E. St. Suite B, Austin)
DJ-Kicks SXSW w/ Photek, Apparat & more
8:00 PM - 2:00 AM • 21+ • FREE
Apparat's DJ-Kicks is available now, and Photek's mix will be released April 3rd, followed by a mix from Maya Jane Coles on April 17th.

New Volume Of DJ Kicks The Exclusives Due In February

One of the most enjoyable parts of assembling the DJ-Kicks series is being able to hear the exclusive new track (or tracks, as the case my be) from the compiling artist. Each new volume contains at least one piece of music not available anywhere else, from the elite list of artists who have contributed to the series. Six years ago, we collected DJ-Kicks tracks from artists including Kruder & Dorfmeister, Carl Craig, Thievery Corporation and others on the first collection of DJ-Kicks Exclusives. In 2012, we'll be collecting exclusive tracks from the most recent mixes, spanning the last five years. The new volume of DJ-Kicks The Exclusives (out in February) will feature music only available on DJ-Kicks mixes from the likes of Gold Panda, Juan MacLean, Four Tet, Hot Chip, and more. Despite the eclectic list of contributing artists, the standard of quality for the music they have made for their mixes speaks for itself, and the tracks complement each other for a cohesive listen in their full un-mixed format. 2012 also marks 27 years of !K7 Records as a company, we we'll be celebrating both the label and the DJ-Kicks series all year long with a series of events, projects, and special promotions. We hope you can join the celebration! Tracklist: 1. Four Tet - Pockets 2. Henrik Schwarz - Imagination Limitation 3. Hot Chip - My Piano 4. Chromeo - I Can’t Tell You Why 5. The Juan MacLean - Feel So Good 6. Holden - Triangle Folds 7. Kode9 - You Don’t Wash (Dub) 8. Apparat - Sayulita 9. Soul Clap - Lonely C feat. Charles Levine 10. Motor City Drum Ensemble - L.O.V.E. 11. Scuba - M.A.R.S. 12. Gold Panda - An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds 13. Photek & Kuru - Fountainhead

Apparat & Juan MacLean in the Top 20 compilations of 2010

Two DJ-Kicks of 2010 made it into Resident Advisor’s top compilation 2010 poll: Apparat and James Holden: What can we say?

08. James Holden – DJ Kicks [!K7]
Border Community’s dedication to the dreamier side of dance music isn’t that far off from the Kosmische strains of Can and Neu!, and so it came as no small surprise when label boss embraced the sound wholly on his DJ-Kicks mix. What was surprising, however, was how well it all sounded when mixed up by his expert hand. Hard techno vet James Ruskin melted into the off-kilter electro of Legowelt; Caribou slid gently into BC’s Luke Abbott; the weirdo electronica of Ursula Bogner sounded right at home next to avant drone builder Eric Copeland. It might not have been trance, but it’d still put you in one.
– Todd L. Burns

14: Apparat – DJ-Kicks [!K7]
Apparat is most assuredly not a DJ, but he has enough experience with music to know how to properly fake it. What made his entry into K7’s DJ-Kicks series so compelling, however, was how easily he seemed to present tracks that felt like Apparat. Ripperton’s warm pads, Ramadanman’s shifty riddims, Oval’s glitch experiments: Despite not being a DJ, Apparat achieved in his first try what others work years to cultivate. His DJ-Kicks was a mix that could have only come from one single artist, a superb encapsulation of his sound world.
– Todd L. Burns…

In the studio with Apparat

Berlin’s experimental electronic genius gives us some of his top tips for being a better producer… Read the full Interview on

Apparat DJ-Kicks Breakdown (Part 1)

The best DJ mixes reflect not only on the taste of their creators, but also on a general feeling, an aesthetic, perhaps a specific scene, inspiration, or moment in time. Taken with Apparat's DJ-KiCKS as we are, we asked him if he could give us a bit more background on where he was coming from when selecting certain tracks. His characteristically thoughtful answers are below, with another batch of track discussions coming soon. The idea behind the mix is that it’s all very current. Three or four years ago I got a little bored of electronic music, but there are a lot of exciting artists around at the moment. The mix is kind of an overview of what’s happening right now. (more after the jump)

Download “Sayulita,” Apparat’s DJ-Kicks Exclusive Track

We're extremely pleased to be giving away a new Apparat track today, the exclusive contribution to his DJ-Kicks mix. Click the image below to head to the download site. [more track info after the jump]

New Music From Artists On Apparat’s DJ-Kicks

Making the rounds on the net this morning are two new pieces of music from two fantastic artists who appear on Apparat's DJ-Kicks. Four Tet you undoubtedly are familiar with (having a DJ-Kicks of his own, as he does), and if you don't know Tim Hecker, it's a great time to get familiar. VCR (Four Tet Remix) by Four Tet has always been a formidable force as a remix artist, frequently injecting a new degree of beauty and introspection to the tracks he chooses. His Born Ruffians remix which appears on the Apparat DJ-Kicks is a high water mark, and this re-working of the already reflective xx material is a thing of beauty as well. (via FACT) TIM HECKER - APONDALIFA (SIDE A) by ROOM40 Tim Hecker takes a distinct approach to electronic music production, favoring evocative, sometimes dissonant soundscapes over traditional arrangements. The above track is the A-side to a new work titled "Apondalifa." His gorgeous "Borderlands" is the perfect closer to Apparat's DJ-Kicks. (via Pitchfork)

Apparat Tackles DJ-Kicks Theory Atop Teufelsberg

We couldn't have asked for a better location to film a series of conversations with Apparat than Teufelsberg, an artificial hill outside of Berlin, made from World War II rubble, and topped with an old Allied listening station. For this first part in the series, Apparat discusses his approach to constructing the mix, some music that almost, but didn't quite make the cut, and how the opportunity to do a DJ-Kicks mix saved him, in a way. Look for more video footage and other fun stuff coming soon to

Apparat DJ-Kicks Exclusive Preview Stream

We'll be making Apparat's "Sayulita" track (exclusive to his DJ mix) available in the near future, but we just couldn't wait for you to be able to hear some of it. We know it's a tease, but it's soooo good. Check it out via Apparat's soundcloud page below, and make sure you're following @apparatofficial and @k7records on Twitter for more goodies coming real soon!