Listen to “Beroving,” The Exclusive Track From Breach’s Forthcoming DJ-Kicks

From his forthcoming DJ-Kicks this November, Breach shares his exclusive track "Beroving," which means "deprivation" in Dutch. It's a beautiful, evocative sound from the interface of house and techno, a world away from "Jack," but every bit as good. “Since 'Jack's' blown, I've been gigging so much, just on the road all the time. My life is missing sleep. I'm deprived of making music and being in the studio. I put this mix together and did the track in such a short space of time. I'm deprived of time at the moment so it seemed like a fitting word.”

John Talabot Shares Tempel Rytmik’s “Anagrama” From His Upcoming DJ-Kicks

In advance of his DJ-Kicks' November 12th release, John Talabot has shared another new exclusive track by one of his new projects Tempel Rytmik. "This is the exclusive track I produced with Alexander Berg from the mighty swedish duo Genius of Time. He's one of the most talented people I ever met and was a pleasure working in Berlin with him. Really looking forward to do some more tracks with him."

John Talabot’s DJ-Kicks Exclusive: “Without You”

In advance of his DJ-Kicks' November 12th release, John Talabot has shared his exclusive new track "Without You," made specifically for the mix. Featuring a repeated vocal refrain drenched in reverb and razor sharp synthesizer flourishes, the track feels both fresh and classic. Keep your eye on this space for more new music from DJ-Kicks leading up to the release.

Serato Releases Free Multi-Platform DJ Software: DJ Intro

The rise of digital DJing over the past decade (the ability to manipulate digital files in the same way that a DJ using turntables would) has done much for the accessibility of the once insular world of DJing. Products like Final Scratch, Serato, Traktor & Ableton Live have, in different ways, made it increasingly easy for those without high-end professional equipment (or enormous vinyl collections) to create DJ mixes, edits, blends etc. The populist thrust of these developments has opened the door to scores of new enthusiasts, sometimes to the chagrin of those who learned the artform in times when the barriers to entry were much higher. (Full story after the jump)