New 27!K7 Exclusive EP feat. Wolf + Lamb vs. Soul Clap

We're now in week two of the 27!K7 Exclusives series, and are already feeling extremely lucky to have contributions from many of our favorite artists. This week's EP features a new collaborative track from Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap. Ever since their amazing DJ-Kicks together, we've known that it's something special when these guys work together. The EP also includes a heavy new track from Berlin's Brandt Brauer Frick. Remember to check back each Tuesday through October 16th; we'll have more great music for you.

Maya Jane Coles & DJ-Kicks in Miami

The SXSW / WMC one-two punch always makes for an interesting March. After rocking out on one of the best sound systems in Austin w/ Photek & Apparat, the DJ-Kicks crew are headed to Miami, where ascendant UK DJ/Producer Maya Jane Coles (whose Kicks mix drops mid-April) will be joining DJ-Kicks veterans Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap, and many other fine artists for an all-day affair at Last Resort. After that, Maya will be headed to the Ultra Music Festival for another set in the evening. Here's to a never ending party!
Sunday March 25th • Last Resort @ Villa 221 (221 NE 17th St.)
Maya Jane Coles, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb & more
7:00 AM - 11:00 PM • 21+ • Limited Tix @ Door
Sunday March 25thUltra Music Festival Miami, FL (UMF Worldwide Stage)
Maya Jane Coles, Seth Troxler, Art Department & More
All Day • 21+ • SOLD OUT

Soul Clap Mixtape Contest Winner

In the midst of their gargantuan DJ-Kicks World Tour with Wolf+Lamb, Soul Clap partnered up with Beatport and Mixcloud to put together a mixtape contest. Perhaps they needed some soothing sounds to ease their lonely hearts on all those plane rides? The turn-out was spectacular, with over 50 skilled selectors posting themed mixes for those times when words just aren't enough. With so many quality entries, the selection process ran a bit long, but in the end we all came to an agreement. Congrats to Davide from Sedma, whose winning mix incorporated everything from Chromeo covering The Eagles, to Michael Henderson, to Bill Cosby. Stream the winning mix below, and check out the top five finalists over at Soul Clap's Mixcloud page. We'd also like to send a valentine shout-out to all the DJs who channeled their feelings into these mixes, may your hearts not be lonely for long!

Soul Clap ‘Lonely C’ Video Contest Honorable Selections

So the Soul Clap 'Lonely C' video contest is one for the record books by now, but as we said about a million times, selecting even five top videos was no easy task. We were looking back through some of the other submissions we received, and wanted to share some more with you that we thought deserved some attention. As usual, these run the gamut from funny to moving, high concept to literal, and are all excellent and interesting interpretations of the music. A big thank you is due to all of the filmmakers who worked to share their vision. (see all 8 videos after the jump)

Official Winning ‘Lonely C’ Video!! Directed By Dan Hellmann

Having shared four of the finalists in our music video contest for Soul Clap's "Lonely C" over the past week, the quality of the work put into the submissions, and the variety therein continues to impress. Within the top five alone, we have videos from Russia, Korea via Ireland, and the group's hometown of Boston. As we've said over and over, choosing a single winner proved exceedingly difficult, but we're very pleased to share the grand prize winner for your enjoyment. A group effort shot in Vancouver, director Dan Hellmann's video utilizes spontenaety, a beautiful cityscape, and creative costuming to capture the feeling of being alone, even when you're surrounded by people. Congrats to Dan, and again to everyone who worked hard to share their vision inspired by the music. Read Dan's account of putting the video together below. (Full video description after the jump)

‘Lonely C’ Video Finalist: Sergey Smykalov

Unique among the finalists for Soul Clap's 'Lonely C' video contest, Moscow's Sergey Smykalov assembled his piece completely from found footage. Stringing together vintage late 90's footage shot in the only night club in a small Russian town, Smykalov weaves a story from the footage to match the lyrical content and feel of the track. There's something a little bit unsettling about peeking into this world, but something satisfying as well. Read Sergey's description below, and look for the winning video tomorrow! (Full video description after the jump)

‘Lonely C’ Video Finalist: Gabriel Munitz-Alessio

One of the most fun parts of watching all the different videos which were submitted for Soul Clap's 'Loney C' is seeing the different ways in which the directors used the lyrics as an inspiration. Some interpretations were quite literal, others extrapolated on the general tone, some latched on to a particular element for an extended metaphor. In Gabriel Munitz-Alessio's clip, an anti-social producer falls under the influence of his own creation and is compelled to party. There's some awesome stop-motion animation. Read below the video for Gabe's full explanation, and check out for more great videos! (Full video description after the jump)

‘Lonely C’ Video Finalist: Nils Clauss & Neil Dowling from CONTENTed Films

Our countdown of some of the most impressive submissions for Soul Clap / Wolf + Lamb's 'Lonely C' video contest continues with a visually stunning and emotionally stirring piece from Nils Clauss & CONTENTed Films. Shot on location in Korea, the clip is a beautiful meditation on longing. Read a full description from the directors below the video. (Full description from directors after the jump)

Top 5 ‘Lonely C’ Video Countdown!

Several months ago, we announced a video contest for Soul Clap feat. Charles Levine's track 'Lonely C' from the Soul Clap / Wolf + Lamb's DJ-Kicks mix. The idea was that we'd get to interact with fans a bit, get to see some interesting interpretations of the track, and hopefully meet some exciting talent. And did we ever. So overwhelming was the quality of the submissions that it was almost impossible for the artists to narrow the videos down to one winner. So we're cheating a bit, and counting down five of all of our favorite submissions. All of these could easily stand on their own as a video art piece, and each has a unique aesthetic and take on the track. We'll start things off with a video from NYC's Jeremy Teicher & Jeremie Duval. Check out their amazing live action / animation video, and see below for more information on the directors. Look for the subsequent finalists on the DJ-Kicks blog this week, with the final winner announced next week. Major thanks to everyone who took the time to submit such quality work! (Full video info after the jump)

DJ-Kicks Q&A: Voices Of Black

Wolf + Lamb & Soul Clap roll deep, as it were. Their collaborative DJ-Kicks mix features no less than ten exclusive tracks, all comprised of material from their close-knit extended circle of friends and family. Leading up to the release of the mix, we decided to connect the dots, picking the brains of the talent behind the exclusive tracks on the mix. In this edition we spoke with Voices of Black, Providence, RI via Teaneck, NJ's denizens of funk fazed beats with damaged soul to spare. Their track “Fridays With Her” features on the first EP of DJ-Kicks exclusives. Both EPs, as well as the full mix are out now. (Interview after the jump)