terranovaAll three Terranovas are native Berliners. Fetisch spent ten years abroad, DJing, doing some recording and “just partying”. A spell in New York saw him at the turntables of various now legendary clubs such as Danceteria, the Tunnel and The World. There followed work at more clubs and parties in London, plus some recording for hip hop label Gee Street.

Back in Berlin in the early 1990s, Fetisch began DJing at the WMF ­ in its various locations, the city’s funky, open-minded alternative to the then not-quite-all-pervasive techno scene. It was here he met Kaos, a former aerosol artist who had ditched his canvasses to work with the wheels of steel.

Fetisch was also working with Meister, a keyboard player with classical training at Berlin’s Hochschule der Künste who’d spent years touring Europe with assorted jazz bands. The duo hooked up to do soundtrack work. And sometime in 1995, these various projects coalesced to become what we now know as Terranova.

As both DJs and producers, Terranova are less concerned with any one style than with various places and periods where “music was really happening” ­ ’70s reggae, early ’80s New York, late ’80s Bristol, early Detroit, the present-day hip hop underground. The intention of this DJ Kicks mix has been to gather together some of these influences. “It’s like a trip through time,” says Fetisch. “Back to the future.”

The mix also includes both Terranova’s remix of the Jungle Brothers’ ‘Jungle Brother’, a previously unreleased reworking of the sublimely languid ‘Tokyo Tower’, and one track, ‘Contact’, like some mutant ’60s TV theme, composed especially for this DJ Kicks edition. The final mix has been enhanced with keyboard overlays, effects and street recordings. The result is more of a sophisticated studio production than a simple DJ mix.


1.         Intro
2.         Howie B – Five Days
3.         Priest – Disorientation
4.         Depth Charge – Sex, Sluts & Heaven (Bordello Mix)
5.         Dj Spooky – Galactic Funk
6.         The East Flatbush Project – Tried by 12
7.         Peanutbutterwolf – Run The Line
8.         Stereo MC’s – Devil’s Claw
9.         BFC – Please Stand By
10.       Patrick Pulsinger – City Lights (City of Starsigns)
11.       69 – Ladies & Gentlemen
12.       The Backroom – Definition Of A Track(The Backroom Mix)
13.       Silicon Soul – Who Needs To Sleep Tonight
14.       The Octagon Man – Modern Funk Beats
15.       Terranova – Tokyo Tower (Avenue A Remix)
16.       DSL – I L.O.V.E. YOU
17.       Stereo MC’s – Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
18.       Jungle Brothers – Jungle Brother(Terranova Mix)
19.       The Junkyard Band – The Word
20.       Spoonie Gee – Spoonie Rap(atmospheric version)
21.       Terranova – Contact/Dj Kicks