thievery corporationAmerican duo THIEVERY CORPORATION from Washington DC follow in the footsteps of previous DJ-Kicks releases by Rockers Hi-Fi and Kruder & Dorfmeister (The US version of which THIEVERY CORPORATION have been touted as for several years) by computer-editing their heavily dub-influenced set and adding a singer.  Complemented with various snippets of world music, easy listening and bossa nova, THIEVERY CORPORATION’s set is an exciting addition to the DJ-Kicks series, and can already be feted as one of its best contributions.

Behind the name THIEVERY CORPORATION are Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, who also run a club in Washington and the record label Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL). For a few years now they have been responsible for building up a truly stylish scene around these institutions, which flocks to enjoy their club nights proferring a steamy mix of bossa nova, samba, dub, hip-hop, downtempo beats and jazz. THIEVERY CORPORATION literally wear their musical elegance on their sleeves, thus being dubbed as two of the “best-dressed men in showbiz” by Spin magazine. Following the release of two 12″s, they achieved international acclaim with their debut album “Sounds of the Thievery Hi-Fi”. Its release on ESL was already a genuine (import) hit; English label 4AD managed to give the album a further boost by licensing it. Alongside Kruder & Dorfmeister’s DJ-Kicks (which features a Thievery track) this record is regarded as a classic of its genre today.  With further singles releases and acclaimed remixes, including those for David Byrne and Gus Gus, THIEVERY CORPORATION have established their reputation and put themselves firmly on the map in their field.

Now after five months in production, their long-awaited DJ-Kicks set is ready for presentation and looks set to exceed even our high expectations. After kicking off with a cult Les Baxter track, THIEVERY CORPORATION demonstrate their prowess by bestowing the entire mix with irresistable grooves, featuring some of the masters of the downtempo circuit, including Rockers Hi-Fi, DJ Cam and the boys themselves. Acts with Brazilian roots like Da Lata, Jazzanova and Rainer Trüby, and oriental beats from Fun’da’mental, with cult track “Indian Vibes”, are all sound features of the set. Of course, as tradition has it the set is rounded off by an exclusive THIEVERY CORPORATION track “It Takes A Thief/DJ Kicks”, which is also available as a separate 12″. A joyous sound experience, the likes of which has not been heard since Kruder & Dorfmeister’s DJ-Kicks, this is sure to win friends and influence people, once again undisputably demonstrating he class of the series.


1.         Les Baxter – Tropicando
2.         A Forest Mighty Black – Rebirth
3.         Da Lata – Beija Flor
4.         Fun-Da-Mental – Mother Africa Feeding Sista India (2001)
5.         The 13th Sign – Rainbow
6.         DJ Cam – Success (Thievery Corporation Remix)
7.         Up, Bustle & Out – Emerald Alley
8.         The Karminsky Experience Inc – Exploration
9.         Thievery Corporation – Coming From The Top
10.       Da Lata – Ponteio (Bonus Beats)
11.       Bobby Matos – Guiro Electro (Rainer Trüby Trio Rmx)
12.       Jazzanova – Fedime´s Flight
13.       Pronoia – Janine
14.       Lazy Boy – Imperia
15.       Rockers Hi-Fi –  Transmission Central
16.       Indian Vibes – Mathar (R. Fearless mix)
17.       Dual Tone – Reign Dub
18.       Thievery Corporation – It Takes A Thief/DJ Kicks