Top 5 ‘Lonely C’ Video Countdown!

Several months ago, we announced a video contest for Soul Clap feat. Charles Levine’s track ‘Lonely C’ from the Soul Clap / Wolf + Lamb’s DJ-Kicks mix.  The idea was that we’d get to interact with fans a bit, get to see some interesting interpretations of the track, and hopefully meet some exciting talent.  And did we ever.  So overwhelming was the quality of the submissions that it was almost impossible for the artists to narrow the videos down to one winner.  So we’re cheating a bit, and counting down five of all of our favorite submissions.  All of these could easily stand on their own as a video art piece, and each has a unique aesthetic and take on the track.

We’ll start things off with a video from NYC’s Jeremy Teicher & Jeremie Duval.  Check out their amazing live action / animation video, and see below for more information on the directors.  Look for the subsequent finalists on the DJ-Kicks blog this week, with the final winner announced next week. Major thanks to everyone who took the time to submit such quality work!

This ‘Lonely C’ video, directed by Jeremy Teicher and Jeremie Duval, pulls inspiration from the song’s robotic vibe to tell a love story about a girl who loses touch with reality and transforms into something new. Her transformation begins to affect the world around her as she pulls her boyfriend down into the world of disco…

The video was shot in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan on a Canon 60D and animated in Flash. Jeremy has directed numerous music videos under the pseudonym “BemusedFrog” and Jeremie has recently worked as an animator for Cartoon Network’s “Superjail.” Check out their other work at and Both Jeremy/ie’s live in the NYC area and are down to work on interesting new projects. Get in touch!