Apparat & Juan MacLean in the Top 20 compilations of 2010

Two DJ-Kicks of 2010 made it into Resident Advisor’s top compilation 2010 poll: Apparat and James Holden: What can we say?

08. James Holden – DJ Kicks [!K7]
Border Community’s dedication to the dreamier side of dance music isn’t that far off from the Kosmische strains of Can and Neu!, and so it came as no small surprise when label boss embraced the sound wholly on his DJ-Kicks mix. What was surprising, however, was how well it all sounded when mixed up by his expert hand. Hard techno vet James Ruskin melted into the off-kilter electro of Legowelt; Caribou slid gently into BC’s Luke Abbott; the weirdo electronica of Ursula Bogner sounded right at home next to avant drone builder Eric Copeland. It might not have been trance, but it’d still put you in one.
– Todd L. Burns

14: Apparat – DJ-Kicks [!K7]
Apparat is most assuredly not a DJ, but he has enough experience with music to know how to properly fake it. What made his entry into K7’s DJ-Kicks series so compelling, however, was how easily he seemed to present tracks that felt like Apparat. Ripperton’s warm pads, Ramadanman’s shifty riddims, Oval’s glitch experiments: Despite not being a DJ, Apparat achieved in his first try what others work years to cultivate. His DJ-Kicks was a mix that could have only come from one single artist, a superb encapsulation of his sound world.
– Todd L. Burns