trueby trioThe TRÜBY TRIO Dj-Kicks features an exciting journey into the world of club-jazz, brazil, latin and house.  For those of you who are not familiar with the excellent releases of the TRÜBY TRIO on Compost, here are some background infos.

Together with Christian Prommer and Roland Appel who also work under the name Fauna Flash, Rainer Trüby founded the TRÜBY TRIO. Rainer Trüby is an internationally well known DJ, digs very deep into music, and he got much respect from DJs, club-runners and promoters. He is regularly booked all over the world. If he´s not on the road you can find him and maybe one of his various guest DJs on the decks at his monthly club “Root Down” in his hometown Freiburg, which lies in the black forest. At “Root Down”, retro and future jazz, funky beats, jazzy house, brazil, boogie tunes and drum & bass is played to an enthuastic and dedicated crowd of passionate followers. Gilles Peterson chose Rainer Trüby as his favourite DJ in his personal Top 3 DJ-Charts in DJ Magazine and Muzik Dec. 98.

Besides DJing, it´s compilations that spread Rainer Trüby´s name and made it a well known current for every music lover. Digging in the vaults of his huge record collection, Trüby compiled the fantastic and still in-demand European fusion compilations Glücklich  (Vol. I-V) with a definite samba-flavour and the “Nitrogen – Trip Hop Sources From The Past” compilation for Compost Records.  With Gilles Peterson, he also compiled  “TalkinJazz III”  for Talkin Loud and the “Root Down 99” compilation for Nuphonic Recordings.

The other two members of the TRÜBY TRIO also record under the name Fauna Flash for Compost Records (and founded the Voom:Voom project with Peter Kruder). Their recently released “Fusion” album received great reactions globally and the pair has recently been busy touring the world.

Like for his compilations, Trüby´s record collection also serves the trio many great tracks of sampling-material. Wether jazz, brasil, funk or downbeat, the TRÜBY TRIO knows no boundaries. Spot this attitude in tracks like “Dobaueschingen” (produced for”Future Sound Of Jazz Vol.4″), “Allegre” on the “Glücklich”  compilation or “A GoGo”, that magical drum n´bass-samba that rocked dancefloors from San Francisco to Tokyo. But besides their own tracks, it´s the remixes the TRÜBY TRIO is well known for: Frederic Galliano, Bebel Gilberto, Peace Orchestra, Turntable Rocker, Tab Two, Mr. Gone, Kim Sanders, Bobby Matos, Extended Spirit, Nitin Sawhney or Miyazawa were all remixed by TRÜBY TRIO .

For their contribution to DJ-Kicks the TRÜBY TRIO deliver one of the best and most exciting mixes in this series, making it straight into the all time top 3 Dj-Kicks . Tracks from the cream of the international club-jazz circuit, mixed with pure passion and a genuine understanding make this an essential mix.


1.         Conjure – Medley: General Science/ Ish papa la Bas
2.         Trüby Trio – Hi Jazz
3.         Block 16 – Find an oasis
4.         Africanism – Edony
5.         Matthaus – Scattbox
6.         Slow Supreme – Granada
7.         Sequel – Upsolid
8.         Afronaught – Transcend me
9.         Korova – Some People ( Waiwan Mix)
10.       Modaji – One and the  same ( Jazztronik mix)
11.       Tim Hutton – Colours ( Freeform Five Mix )
12.       Voom:Voom – Ginger and Fred
13.       Trüby Trio – Galicia ( Zero db mix )
14.       Lehner + Biebl – Toronto
15.       Fauna Flash – Tel Aviv