Vote Your Favorite DJ-Kicks

Top Five DJ-Kicks Sale Poll

C.J. Bolland0%
Carl Craig0%
Claude Young0%
Kruder & Dorfmeister0%
DJ Cam0%
Smith & Mighty0%
Andrea Parker0%
Kemistry & Storm0%
Thievery Corporation0%
Kid Loco0%
Stereo MC’s0%
Nightmares On Wax0%
Trüby Trio0%
Vikter Duplaix0%
Chicken Lips0%
Daddy G0%
The Glimmers0%
Hot Chip0%
Booka Shade0%
Juan MacLean0%
James Holden0%
Wolf + Lamb vs. Soul Clap0%
Motor City Drum Ensemble0%
Gold Panda0%
Maya Jane Coles0%
Hercules And Love Affair0%
Maceo Plex0%
Erlend Øye0%
Four Tet0%

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25 responses to “Vote Your Favorite DJ-Kicks”

  1. Pieter riedijk says:

    I vote Henrik schwarz. Great mix, great music!

  2. Andrew Brockway says:

    K&D every single time. So many memories.

  3. Coqui says:

    Stacey Pullen’s DJ-Kicks is missing! This is without a doubt in my top 5. Is there a reason why it’s excluded? Just want to make sure before I vote. 🙂

  4. m@rchi says:

    Good work always i loved !k7 but not agree with some of your last releases. Back to the root !

  5. Fdo says:

    Why isn´t Erlend Oye´s on the list???

  6. mike ahuja says:

    Vikter Duplaix cause partly i was the street team manager for los angeles during that album and setup the event and what not…wait was that a fila brazilia event…hm ..good times

  7. Jns says:

    When it was released in 1996, Stacey Pullen’s DJ Kicks forever changed my life. It was my real introduction into techno and how records can be mixed. By far the most adventurous and intuitive mix in the series. Still the number one DJ Kicks release in my opinion.

  8. yaltur says:

    K+D rules!

    But: where are Erlend Oye and Rockers Hifi? They are very nice, too!

  9. Luigi says:

    I could have chosen another 5…and another 5…and another 5. Since its inception, K7’s output has been exemplary. The DJ KIcks concept serves as a flag flyer for the label, but its pursuit to bring brilliant new artists to our attention, is what really marks out K7. An important label of our time, with a pedigree borne out of talent. Keep flying that flag.

  10. peter rüger says:

    i would like to get the Drum`n Bass DjKicks from Kemistry & Storm! Is it no more available?
    thx p.

  11. Sepp says:

    Really nice voting. K&D will win.
    But some mixes are missing in this voting. What about Nicolette, Stacey Pullen, Rockers Hifi, Four Tet, Henrik Schwarz and the great mix of erlend oye? Did you forget those?

  12. Ollinator says:

    Where is the mix by Erlend?

  13. Christian says:

    erlend oye is missing from the poll – wouldve voted for that one too.

  14. James W says:

    Looking for Nicolette, but not finding her release in your selection of releases to vote for alas. Definitely one of my top 5 DJ Kicks ever for what that’s worth.

  15. Guddn says:

    The DJ Kicks series is a must buy for me since the first issue.
    And I have never been let down by any of the published records – in most of the cases they enriched my musical horizon. Good job !k7 team.
    Looking forward to the next 20 CDs!
    Greetings from Germany.

  16. tillmonday says:

    was ist mit erland oye, der gehört auf jedenfall in meine top five.

  17. Ivan says:

    no Henrik Schwarz mix? what the hell ? the best dj-kicks hands down!

  18. Serpaggi says:

    Very Nice collection. Bravo and Thanks for all these good listening moments!

  19. stephanell says:

    große reihe, großes kompliment!

  20. Oliver Brady says:

    I wish that I had been ruthless enough to vote for albums that I don’t own for the chance of buying them at a discount! Too much good music to be so devious. Thanks for the sounds over the years; it’s much appreciated.

  21. bororo says:

    Thanks for making such a great musical moments…keep well!!!!

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